13 Sentinels remembers love

From the 13 Sentinels intro

I finished playing 13 Sentinels last night. I enjoyed it a great deal.

I think the lush 2D story segments will charm and delight almost anyone with their cheerful potboiler spirit, while the frantic real-time-tactics might suit a somewhat narrower range of tastes. The battles’ visual abstraction baffled me at first, but some great sound design lends a bit more reality, and the graphics let the game shove ridiculous numbers of enemies on-screen. In any case, the eye-popping 2D story makes up the game’s bulk.

This post isn’t a review, however: I wanted to jot down a couple of things in 13 Sentinels which seem to me to be not just likely influences but precise allusions.

After this paragraph I will, therefore, drop some big, chunky spoilers for the game. In general I avoid being finicky about spoilers, but 13 Sentinels in particular has the type of mystery-box build which suffers especially when spoiled, so if you plan on playing it in future, I suggest you eject from this post now. For those currently playing it: I’m going to spoil the first two thirds or so of Shu’s story, and a scene from the first half of Iori’s. Continue reading 13 Sentinels remembers love”