The School of Kanada

Yoshinori Kanada in 1991

Over at Animétudes, Matteo’s begun an exciting series on the career and influence of the animator Yoshinori Kanada.

I played a small role in helping to prepare his posts, and I think they’re well worth reading! Most sakuga fans will know Kanada’s name, but perhaps not so very many other anime fans will; I suspect even sakuga fans rarely have the picture of his importance to anime which Matteo has built up.

Together, Kanada’s life, his artistic experiments, and the stories of those influenced by him form a topic touching on a great many older anime productions. It’s a fascinating route through some key passages of anime’s history. Not the only route, certainly, but a valuable one, and one not hitherto covered in such depth in English.

Hence my note recommending the series! You can find an overview here and the first post here.

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